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Hello und welcome to Glacial Blaze! It seems you had found my little paradise! This site offers you interactive stuff. Here you can find many things about trading as Stampies, Swapex' and Tradies. But it also offers collective things like Cyberstamps. Maybe you feel like looking around? I would be happy hearing from you!

Short explanation // Hiatus for a while

Hi guys!

I'm sorry for my inactivity.
Right now I haven't got time to look for my homepage.

My mom isn't well and she had to be in hospital for a few weeks. Now she's back home and I support my dad in taking care of her.
So I'm currently living in my parents' home again and besides of my job and the situation of my mom there isn't much time left.

Hope you can understand my reasons of being inactive.
As soon as everything calms down I'll be back again!

Author: Yilara // [09.05.2019 at 07:40 am]

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