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Kanto Adventure

» You can request two stamps per order (except you have to take a decision)
  Example: You can order Stamp no. 1, but have to wait to request Stamp no. 2, cause you have to
  decide between two Stamps. In your third order you can request two stamps (no. 3 + no. 4)
» Each stamp is given away 6 times (except for Starter and Fossil)
» Credit: Pokémon and Nintendo

Let's start!

But.. who are you?

Are you a boy or a girl?

What next?

Choose your Starter Pokémon

Each Starter is given away two times.

Umm... W-what?!

And so your jouney beginns..

We'll each take one fossil!

No being greedy! (Each stamp is given away three times)

Let's go on!

... to be continued




1. Name ||
2. Name ||
3. Name ||
4. Name ||
5. Name ||
6. Name ||

Kin'ril Addicting Scent Scattered Thoughts become?