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Hello und welcome to Glacial Blaze! It seems you had found my little paradise! This site offers you interactive stuff. Here you can find many things about trading as Stampies, Swapex' and Tradies. But it also offers collective things like Cyberstamps. Maybe you feel like looking around? I would be happy hearing from you!

Feeling better now

I'm up and about again but I have to stay at home until tomorrow. It is not the worst idea because in that way I can recover completely. After all I'm planning to go on a short journey to Germany. I'm going to leave next Wednesday and be back on Sunday.

For today I brought some new Cyberstamp Sets for you.
Spring Lolita will replace the Snowman-Set on 20th March.
In Kanto Adventure you can go on your own journey through Kanto. After I have finished 'Pokemon - Let's go!', I started playing 'Pokemon LeafGreen' again and wanted to take you with me If there are any questions in relation to this set feel free to ask me.
With Nostale I meet a wish for the first time. The wish was made by Annii and I hope you like it

Just to let you know: I updated the Cyberstamp-Rules. Now you can order 4 Stamps and collect up to 4 Sets.

There's also a new puzzle for you to solve

See ya,

Author: Yilara // [14.03.2019 at 12:05 pm]
Puzzle, 3 Cyberstamp-Sets

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