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Hello und welcome to Glacial Blaze! It seems you had found my little paradise! This site offers you interactive stuff. Here you can find many things about trading as Stampies, Swapex' and Tradies. But it also offers collective things like Cyberstamps. Maybe you feel like looking around? I would be happy hearing from you!

Laid low by flu..

Sorry for not being here during the last days. I have the flu and lay in bed with fever, bad headache, ...
Today I'm feeling a little better but it wasn't possible for me making new Cyberstamp-Sets Don't like it when I cannot realize planned things. Maybe you know that feeling?

Before I have nothing to show I loaded up some Cyberstamp-Templates for you. And if possible I try to send you your Cyberstamp orders later on (desperately need to rest for a while now ~ sleep).

As soon as I'm well again I'm going to change the puzzle (and the related Cyberstamp) as well as I'm going to add the Cyberstamps I have in work right now.

I hope you're fine?

See you soon,

edit (09.03.19):
I managed to send out all Cyberstamp orders.

Author: Yilara // [08.03.2019 at 04:31 pm]
5 Cyberstamp-Templates

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