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Hello und welcome to Glacial Blaze! It seems you had found my little paradise! This site offers you interactive stuff. Here you can find many things about trading as Stampies, Swapex' and Tradies. But it also offers collective things like Cyberstamps. Maybe you feel like looking around? I would be happy hearing from you!

Happy Valentine ❤

I really hope you enjoy Valentine's Day

To make it a little better I changed the puzzle so you can win a new Cyberstamp-Award! There are also two new Cyberstamps you can claim just for fun:

It's on you to take both or just one Choco or Kiss.
Which one is your favorite?

Later on I'm going to send the Cyberstamps orders, so you can request new ones over the weekend

Did I tell you I have two affiliates now? Many thanks to Kin'ril and Mirror Beast for asking and showing interest in what I'm doing here

For me... I'm going to enjoy a quiet day do some shopping, cook something small for the evening when my other half and I are going to watch some movies.

Along these lines I wish you a great day

Author: Yilara // [14.02.2019 at 01:33 pm]
Puzzle || Cyberstamps

Kin'ril Addicting Scent Scattered Thoughts become?