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Hello und welcome to Glacial Blaze! It seems you had found my little paradise! This site offers you interactive stuff. Here you can find many things about trading as Stampies, Swapex' and Tradies. But it also offers collective things like Cyberstamps. Maybe you feel like looking around? I would be happy hearing from you!

Today is the day

I can't believe it. I really managed it and Glacial Blaze is online! Okay, there are some points left on my to-do-list but I finished most of them and the site will work now.

Now it's your turn to walk around and have a look at everything. I'd be happy if you left me a message in the Shoutbox or join some of my projects. Maybe you want to collect some Cyberstamps? Or are you into trading? What ever it is I hope you'll find something you like

On that note: Let's go!

Author: Yilara // [24.01.2019 at 01:26 pm]
Updates: I'm online!

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