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Cyberstamp Rules

» You need a homepage to show your collected Cyberstamps
» Please link back to 'glacial-blaze.net'
» Before you place your first order, please register as a collector
» You have to show your stamps on your homepage before you order new ones
» If you start collecting a set you have to finish it
» Please start collecting with stamp one
» Keep an eye on the information you find on every Cyberstamp-Set page
» It's possible to collect 4 different sets at the same time (exclude some chosen sets)
» You can request up to 4 stamps with every order
» I'm going to send you Fullstamps and Tickets automatically so you don't have to order them
» Everyone who doesn't place an order for 6 month will be deleted or let me know you if you need a break and I'm
  going to set your status on 'hiatus'

Please keep in mind...
... I'm just a human being having life, family, friends, interests and everything goes along with it. So please don't be mad at me if I need a little longer to handle your order and keep the news for information in sight. Generally I try to send you the stamps within a week or (if I'm up to my ears in work) it can take up to 14 days. Please understand that.

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