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Something new ~


Here I am again

First of all: Thank you so much for joining my website and collecting my Cyberstamps Already four (+1) collectors! But everyone starts on a shoestring so I hope there will be some more in the near future *dreaming*
For all off you there are three new Cyberstamp-Sets (Ivy the Kiwi? -> Normal; One upon a time -> Mega; My little Hamster -> Special). And I’m still working on more sets. That’s why I’m thinking about increasing the number of stamps you can order with my next Cyberstamp update. You got a lot to look forward to
Please keep in mind that you can order the 'Year of the Pig'-Set from the 5th February onwards.

In addition there are three new templates, two Tradie- and one Cyberstamps-Template.
And I added a game, too. From now on you can find a puzzle on Glacial Blaze. It’ll be updated from time to time so there will be a new one. You just have to try it out Especially the stamp collectors should have a look cause it’s possible that you’re interested in the little reward you’re going to receive

I’d be happy if you leave a little feedback. Do you like the new sets? What about the puzzle - too difficult, too easy?

Last days I bought a ticket to visit my German friend We’re going to visit the Leipzig Book Fair in March. I’m very excited and can hardly wait!
During that time I wont process any orders. Just to let you know but I’m going to write a short news post a few days before my journey starts.

Have a great weekend,

Author: Yilara // [02.01.2019 at 09:13 am]
3 Cyberstamp-Sets || 3 Templates || Puzzle

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