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Laid low by flu..

Sorry for not being here during the last days. I have the flu and lay in bed with fever, bad headache, ...
Today I'm feeling a little better but it wasn't possible for me making new Cyberstamp-Sets Don't like it when I cannot realize planned things. Maybe you know that feeling?

Before I have nothing to show I loaded up some Cyberstamp-Templates for you. And if possible I try to send you your Cyberstamp orders later on (desperately need to rest for a while now ~ sleep).

As soon as I'm well again I'm going to change the puzzle (and the related Cyberstamp) as well as I'm going to add the Cyberstamps I have in work right now.

I hope you're fine?

See you soon,

edit (09.03.19):
I managed to send out all Cyberstamp orders.

Author: Yilara // [03.08.2019 at 04:31 pm]
5 Cyberstamp-Templates

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