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Feeling better now

I'm up and about again but I have to stay at home until tomorrow. It is not the worst idea because in that way I can recover completely. After all I'm planning to go on a short journey to Germany. I'm going to leave next Wednesday and be back on Sunday.

For today I brought some new Cyberstamp Sets for you.
Spring Lolita will replace the Snowman-Set on 20th March.
In Kanto Adventure you can go on your own journey through Kanto. After I have finished 'Pokemon - Let's go!', I started playing 'Pokemon LeafGreen' again and wanted to take you with me If there are any questions in relation to this set feel free to ask me.
With Nostale I meet a wish for the first time. The wish was made by Annii and I hope you like it

Just to let you know: I updated the Cyberstamp-Rules. Now you can order 4 Stamps and collect up to 4 Sets.

There's also a new puzzle for you to solve

See ya,

Author: Yilara // [03.14.2019 at 12:05 pm]
Puzzle, 3 Cyberstamp-Sets

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