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Trade-Center Rules

» Every website offers trade stuff like Stampie, Swapex, Tradies or Cyberstamps can be registrated
» I need a banner (sized 468x60px) of your website for registration
» After registration you have to link back to 'Glacial Blaze - Trade-Center' (here you can find some linkstuff)
» If something changes (e.g. you offer new things or don't offer something anymore) pleasae let me know
» I wont accept websites contain pornographic or racialist contents
» You don't offer trade stuff but something else and want to be listed as well? Just let me know and I'll have a look :)
» I reserve a right to delete websites after one year if there's a longterm inactivity and no communicative reactions

Kin'ril Addicting Scent Scattered Thoughts become?